About me

I originally trained as a nurse and midwife. After nine years I went to University to study Fine Art, and gained a PGCE and taught in Further and Higher Education for eleven years. In 2003 I studied for a degree in Homeopathy and have been in professional practice since graduating in 2006. In the same year I began working with Paul Francis in Lancaster, qualifying as a Shamanic Practitioner in 2014. I now divide my time between my Art practice, Homeopathy and Therapeutic Shamanism. I am married, with a son, and live in West Lancs.


Landscape, and connecting with nature, are my passions. I work with textiles, another passion, and find that the abstract designs of the 1950s and 1960s describe the sense of landscape that I am looking for in my work.


Homeopathy is a gentle form of alternative healing using very dilute substances. Visits usually last an hour, and involve taking a detailed history. The information needed is broad and diverse, and leads to the prescription of the right remedy. Homeopathy is suitable for young and old, and is a gentle non-addictive, non-toxic form of treatment. The fee for one hour sessions is £40.

Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanism is our oldest form of spiritual practice, having been used for thousands of years. It is not a religion, has no priesthood, doctrines, books or creeds. It helps us re-connect with the natural world so we are more in harmony with ourselves, with others and with our environment. It offers profound healing through 'journeying' to the beat of a shamanic drum, and is used therapeutically for many physical and emotional problems. The fee for the first 1.5 hour session is on a sliding scale between £60 and £80. Subsequent 1 hour sessions are £40

Artist, Homeopath and Shamanic Practitioner